Brans we work with

We are very proud to be associated with a number of leading manufacturers and the top-quality products they offer. Frontier Markets is proud to be exclusive distributor and partner with fresh produce world famous brands for Maldives.

The Core is a premium quality fresh producer from South Africa and working exclusively as partner with Frontier Markets for Maldives market.

Sumich is a leading grower, wholesaler and exporter from Australia. We get supplies from them exclusively branded as FARMGATE.

Ant Farm supply tropical fruits and vegetables with high quality from Vietnam. Frontier Market is sole distributor for Ant Farm for Maldives market.

Yokid is one of the main stream brands in Chinese agricultural products planting, processing and exportation. Frontier Market works exclusively for Yokid in Maldives.

National Foods is one of the leading Spice company with a revolutionary product that popularized the concept of having clean and healthy food. National partners with Frontier Markets for Maldives.  

Green Point is one of the leading quality Orange exporter from Egypt packing citrus orange exclusively for Frontier Markets for Maldives market.